Reliance on forces


So a normal literate Pakistani citizen love force and want a head of the state as army personnel but the feudal lords and all take advantage of illiterate citizens

Mr. Shahbaz Sharif did some amazing job in Punjab (debatable) but some good job in Lahore for sure
Mr. Raheel Sharif did some great job in Karachi by getting rid of MQM

So whats wrong with our country? questions like why only mqm, lets get rid of corrupt ppp as well but may be there is some law protecting it but the point is that if we love Raheel Sharif that much why don’t we start loving Pervez Musharraf but he did some major mistakes but what does a local Pakistani citizen want, why don’t they get out and vote for their guy? and who do so why don’t they won?

So which ever force want to save Pakistan, i think two things to be done first:

1) Fix the election commission of Pakistan
2) Fix the Feudal lord system in Pakistan

but thats only me a so called concerned citizen



Bundle of Joy

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Social Good Summit 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.25.04 am

The Social Good Summit is a platform where people from around the world gather and the gentry includes doctors, activist, ministers, new media and technology experts also attend. Issues like extreme poverty, the climatical changes and its effects and how the changes need to be tackled in order to shape the worlds future in the coming 15 years, disaster risk reduction, finance for development and sustainable development goals would be discussed and how the digital technology can be utilised to make the world a better and a brighter place by the year 2030

The 6th annual Social Good Summit is going to be held on September 27th and 28th, it’s going to be a 2 days event to be held in New York at 92nd Street Y, at the United Nations General Assembly where people from all walks of life and sectors of the economy would participate and utilise this platform for the benefit of all. This summit is held once a year in the month of September to discuss world issues and to find a solution to them.
This time the Summit would be coinciding with the United Nations week, which would be followed by a week full of various activities that would be held worldwide by the Social Good Community locally, in the places where ever they are. The main aim of the local meet ups is that people across the world can participate in these positive activities as all cannot attend the Summit to be held in New York but can still be a part of it

There are many welfare events happening worldwide and many people big or small in status are working towards the betterment of the society and are trying to do whatever they can within their capacity, feeling their responsibility to pay back to the society. As no particular organisation or even the United Nations alone cannot solve the global issues, this has to be a global effort and that can be done when all the individuals wherever they are do their part. It is because of the kindness of the people the world is moving forward steadily otherwise if all the individuals would have thought about their wellbeing only then the global issues could have never been solved and the Social Good Summit is also a similar platform that cares for the wellbeing of the worldwide human beings, where the participants focus on how the technology and the new media can be leveraged to address the world issues from which people can benefit in totality to build a better future

The previous year when the summit was also held in NewYork the people were able to connect to it through the live streaming that was available in 7 languages and many countries had participated. And this time many new countries are going to be a part of this summit namely Jamaica, Surinam, Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala and Turkmenistan, the other locations that include are Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mongolia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Srilanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey

Aston Martin Planning to Beat Tesla’s 800hp Electric Rapid


Aston Martin Lagonda Limited popularly known as Aston Martin is a British origin company which manufactures luxury sports cards and Tesla Motors Inc. is a famous American automotive company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and is also known for their electric sports car. It is worth mentioning their Model S vehicle which is a fully electric luxury Sedan.

Aston had launched a vehicle called Rapide Saloon in the year 2010 which was a four door high performance sports saloon and now it has announced to also launch its electric version in the next two years, which would be having a 800hp, a four wheel drive and a range of 200 miles. Aston Martin is trying to give a tough competition to Tesla’s Model “S” vehicle.
Tesla motors had initially started with the electric cars but Aston also has full intention to join the race and their 800hp super electric car would be seen on the roads within no time as its production would be started with a time frame of two years, looks wise it would be similar to Aston Martins four door rapid model.

This is what Andrew Charles Palmer the CEO of Aston Martins had to say when he was asked about the competition with Tesla Motors, “their prices wouldn’t be much high as compared to
Tesla’s, it is difficult to compete with them but not impossible. Aston is a new brand but they would still be pushing up and go into that super premier area”.

Aston Martins Super Electric beauty would be available in the market for $200,000 and $250,000. Main emphasis has been laid upon its power which is 800hp and the batteries used are LG or Samsung. These batteries would be stored under the bonnet and beneath the spine of the car, the inverter would be placed in the boot and the electric motor would be providing power to the front and the back wheels and in totality making it a four wheel drive.

Aston Martin also would be working on a long wheel base version of rapide that would be specifically for the foreign markets. The company has also received a funding amount of £ 6.9 million as government funding which would be used purely for the creation of an export model that would cater to the Chinese and the US market.

Clash Of Talents between APPLE INC. & TESLA

Tesla Motors Inc. and Apple Inc. are both famous companies; there would be hardly anyone who isn’t aware of these names. Tesla Motor Inc. is an American Automotive Company which is famous for designing and manufacturing electric sports car and has already created a name for them. Tesla’s main automobile manufacturing factory is in Fremont, California.

Whereas Apple Inc. is a popular American Multi-National technology company with its headquarter in Cupertinho, California and as we all are aware that Apple is famous for its consumer electronics, software, online services and personal computers. But now from the hiring that Apple is doing which includes engineers from renowned companies is clearing the doubts of the people with regards to Apples secret project. Yes, we do know that Apple Inc. is considered a global leader in technology and it is also keen on expanding the spectrum of its products.

Apple Inc. is busy hunting for experts and hiring professionals from different companies, recently Jamie Carlson who was a former senior engineer from Tesla was hired. Megan Mc. Clain who is an ex- Volkswagen AG engineer who is an expert in automated driving was added to the team. Vinay Palakkode a graduate researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University, a center famous for automated driving research and Xianqiao Tong was also hired by Apple, an engineer who had made computer vision software for driver assistance system at Microchip maker NVIDIA Corp. Apple had also hired Paul Furgale, former deputy director of the autonomous systems lab at the Federal institute of Technology. Sanjai Massey is another name who is an experienced engineer in developing connected and automated cars at Ford and various other suppliers did also join Apple Inc.
These people have indicated on their linkedin profile as working for Apple Inc. on different positions.

In the beginning of this year it was already known that Apple Inc. has plans for making an electric car which would be driverless, but again this is not the first technology company that is trying its hand on it we should not forget that Google who has already manufactured autonomous vehicle. The code name given to the project by Apple is “TITAN”. The CEO of the company Tim Cook had already asked the VP Steve Zadesky to hire a team of 1000 people who would be working purely for developing the electric car, for which work is secretly going on at a facility at a far distance from their campus in Cupertino campus and are also looking for a bigger facility where the self driven car can be tested. It is also known that some of the parts of the autonomous car would be made in Ireland as well.

We still do not know for sure what would the Apple car look like, but getting to know the details that are available the graphic designers have made pictures as to how the car would be looking like. But for sure when Apple does complete the car, it would be a great help to the other automotive companies as they wouldn’t have to do much of the research and development work that Apple Inc. has done already.

Growing Trend of Working Online


There was a time when people weren’t much accustomed to computer and its usage but with the passage of time this scenario has changed and brought with it much changes in which people upgraded their knowledge with regards to technology, computer and its usage. Not to forget important tools such as a desktop or a laptop, a smart phone and an internet connection. If you have these things today you are considered to be the most powerful person and more open to opportunities without bothering where you live even if you are in a remote village of Africa and have the required tools you are as powerful as a person living in America.

The trend of working online is rising, people can work from the comfort of their home and be more productive. Many businessmen feel that those workers are the best whom they have never met. Many companies have started outsourcing their work to the freelancers, who do not necessary have to be from the same place or country.

Working online would include jobs such as blog writing, content writing, managing online based magazines, virtual assistant, or a call agent for any company or an airline. For example you call Martha, who an agent working for an airlines information desk and you call the flight information number where she would answer to your query and where is she sitting? Right in her home. This is called outsourcing, which is very economical for the company as they do not need to have an office where they need to place the staff. And the staff would be more productive as he/she is in their own homely environment with their kids and do not have to worry to get ready and go to work early in the morning.

There are many platforms available like Elance, Odesk and where people can register themselves for the type of expertise they have and the service they can provide for which they would get paid. There are people who do online business by opening a page or a store on the internet, there are many other activities that can be done online to earn a decent income for which there are many collaboration tools available that help you to be productive and more organized namely Dropbox, Google Docs, Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. These are the tool that makes it comfortable for people to communicate with each other even in the remotest corners of the world and work online effectively.

We must really be thankful to the technological development that has come to us, now it is left to us how fast we accept and absorb it before it becomes obsolete and a new technology takes it place. To be more updated with technology would make you a more productive person if you are working online or otherwise also.

Whatsapp and Wechat’s Rivalry

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 5.45.51 pm

Whatsapp and Wechat are popular mobile messenger apps that are both fighting it out to be the best app, which is a positive competition that would benefit the end user.

Both these apps can be downloaded for free and can be installed on any smart phone. People prefer using these mobile phone apps because they can be used on different platforms and have more facilities than just sending a normal sms. Through both these apps you can send and receive audio files, video files and even exchange images free of cost.

Wechat is a completely free service, which is not the case with Whatsapp, whereby the user is charged with an annual subscription fee, but with Wechat you not only have free text messaging service but free voice and video calls can also be done. Wechat has an added advantage for its users as it has the option to install location based plug in that would help with the local and international chatting with friends and family. It also has the facility to share multimedia files and live stream content sharing can also be done.

Wechat has some extra features such as shake, look around and drift bottle that makes it different from its opponent Whatsapp. In Wechat the user has to send request to the other user through the “Add Contact” option and you would require approval from the receiving user, which is not the case with Whatsapp if a person’s contact number is available in your mobile phone that number would automatically appear in Whatsapp contact without prior approval which makes Wechat more safe.

Both the apps lack in one of the amazing value added feature which can make them difference which is incoming calls on DID numbers, which is similar to SKYPE INN numbers. Seeing huge number of penetration in Internet world we believe sooner or later these GSM companies will only work for data not for telephone it self and at that time, people who do not have data needs to contact the other end on telephone number which can be done by introducing Skype Inn kind of feature.

There was time when Viber was considered as competitor for WeChat and WhatsApp. Viber took the initiative by launching a Desktop Viber Messenger which made Whatsapp launch a WhatsApp web feature. Why desktop feature is such a big deal. Most of the geeks who spend 10 to 12 hours on computers are not that comfortable using cell phone for whats app and viber while using computer as they have to pick another gadget for that. This web feature allowed them to do the same. Ever since viber is sold, we don’t see significant improvement in it, thus we think its not penetrating with the pace its suppose to be and WeChat comparatively due to innovation and added features is doing really good among the users and their growth can be understood in a way that in just 3 to 5 years it has surpass 400 Million users.

Here are some graphs which can highlight some more details:

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 6.04.07 pm


Hacking and Hackers


In the present time without any doubt we all are aware of the technological development we all are witnessing, which has a positive effect in all the sectors of the economy, with the main purpose of promoting advancement to help and facilitate us.

There are people within out surroundings with different mentality who act differently may be positive or negative and feel pleasure in taking undue advantage of the technology although they can also use if for a positive purpose. Hackers are a classic example, who are considered to be very brainy and smart people especially its worth mentioning the computer hackers who are so knowledgeable with regards to the computers but again are involved in the negative activity of hacking that is barging into our computer system without any permission and get all our information, by taking advantage of the security flaws present in our computer system. Hackers do not belong to any particular country, age group caste or creed, their presence is felt globally and they are busy creating problems as it has affected the lives of millions and billions of people.

With advance in technology, the hackers have also upgraded themselves to work in accordance to the various devices that can be hacked and unfortunately there is nothing that is out of their reach. Anything and everything can be hacked, namely your bank accounts, credit cards, Atm cards, various software’s and hardware’s, Mobile Phone apps, most of the social media platforms can also be hacked. Air craft systems, missile installations and nuclear power plants are also not away from their reach. Famous companies that have a huge number of customers and have their database have also been hacked previously. Cars have become more of a computer mobile vehicle that is being controlled by the computer can also be hacked as was with the case of the Chrysler car, therefore brands namely Doge, Jeep, RAM, Fiat and Masereti have released a security patch that needs to be installed in order to prevent hacking.

The hackers have their hands on practically everything, they are a very big negative reality about which we need to speak, in order to create amongst the people and find ways and measures to reduce the possibility of being hacked. The Windows 10 Operating System that was released a few days ago is also very vulnerable and can be hacked easily, but thanks to an Israeli Startup company that has created a version of Windows that they claim cannot be hacked and say “This is the Version which Microsoft should use”.

Hackers can use different ways to hack may be while using your computer, you may be having a video chat with someone and you are thinking that through the webcam only two people are watching each other but there is someone else also who is watching you guys. Or maybe while charging your smart phone you might be thinking that it’s only a charger what harm can it do but in reality it may be spying on you.

There is no doubt that these hackers are very smart people and can use their brains for a positive activity but unfortunately they do not do that and therefore they have affected the lives of millions of people

Technology a Boost to Relationships or Setback?

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.18.18 pm

In the older days there wasn’t the concept of a developed technology, people were aware about basic advancement, yet at that time people did communicate and meet each other and knew how to maintain their relationships that were more pure than now as they used to take out time to meet people whom they could and they faced the realities of life more happily, that involved activities like going to work, doing recreational activities and also going to the religious places with no involvement of technology and yet all activities were carried out. It gave time to people to maintain their energies and recharge them. At that time no one knew about each other’s activities that created fewer issues between relationships and people could concentrate on anything they did without distraction.

Actually there are two ways of looking to technology usage, it has positive and negative side of it as well. There are people who would appreciate the use of excessive technology and there are people who would like to have limited access to it, in order to have a peaceful life. Smart phones, iphones, tablets have barged in, into our lives that keep us constantly connected with our work, emails even after the working hours.  Where ever you go you can take your work along with you, which has really blurred your relationships. When you come home after a long tired day you can still be contacted anytime by your employer and thanks to the devices that you carry with you all the time. Now it’s time to watch television with your family, yet your eyes are on your mobile screen either logged on to Facebook or reading to Whatsapp messages, I am sure many can relate to this scenario.

You can never completely deny the usage of technology or else we wouldn’t have witnessed advancement and would have remained in the Stone Age. Everything has its limit and when used within its boundaries then only it would retain the required benefit that we desire to get from its use.

Technology is good as it facilitates us in all walks of life again when it’s used in a limited way in order to derive benefit from it or else it would become a headache. People with the use of technology can communicate with each other easily even if they stay in different countries it is not a matter. But you must know when, how much and how to use technology and not over using it. For e.g. if you carry your devices with you even on vacations you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as you are carrying your work along with you, when you receive a work sms or an email, promptly you would be able to respond, which is in a way good that your work will not suffer. But what happened to your vacations, gone out of the window. The usage of technology creates a vicious circle that keeps you connected all the time as your devices and apps wouldn’t you alone. There are always two sides of a coin, you must know the advantage and disadvantage of extra using of technology and try to use it to your benefit where nothing suffers even your relationships and you remain creative and innovative.

This is such a topic where it can be debated for hours as different people might look at it differently and have various comments about it, which would be very much welcomed

Google revolutionary decision


Google has recently announce a new CEO who is also from India like our very own Satya the CEO of Microsoft

This NEW CEO is Sundar Pichai who was born in India and did his initial engineering studies from IITKharagpur and then he went to US for completing his MBA, the guy did his Masters in business from a Pensilvania based college. Further to this Mr. Pichai is responsible to develop Chrome browser which helped google to reach a new turn from browser / search engine and till date Google Chrome is very successful and almost every one uses it.

Recently, he was also looking after Google Drive, Mail and Android and became the VP and Senior VP in Google. Some people also says before Satya he was being considered as CEO for Microsoft.

So according to our amazing Larry they have decided to move on as they didn’t wanted google to become some thing like every other company and every one knows the crazy ideas two amazing and innovative leaders work on (on that note I am getting a firm believe that you hit the next big thing by working on crazy ideas). It is my understanding that since they wanted to work on more crazy ideas they moved on and created a new company with the name of alphabet and to all of our surprise new company name is alphabet and as I was explaining to my co worker its google they don’t care what brand they choose they can easily upgrade it and do the right marketing / branding to promote it :). On Alphabet’s web site Mr. Page further says that they will be working on health industry and many others and its easier to manage the management.

Complete speech Sergey is on Alphabet on

* Alphabet will be traded as Alphabet Inc. and Google will be subsidiary of Alphabet